Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts

AegeanScripts and symbols of the Aegean world: view
Linear ADigital corpus of Linear A Inscriptions: view
Cypro-MinoanDigital corpus of Cypro-Minoan Inscriptions: view
Cretan HieroglyphsA paleographic font for Cretan Hieroglyphs: view
AegyptusEgyptian Hieroglyphs, Coptic and Meroitic: view
SymbolaMultilingual support and Symbol blocks of The Unicode Standard: view
TextfontsAvdira, Anaktoria, Alexander, Asea and Aroania: view
EEMusicHellenic Ecclesiastic Music in Unicode with OpenType: view
AkkadianSumero-Akkadian and Early Dynastic Cuneiform: view
AssyrianNeo-Assyrian cuneiform signs in Unicode with OpenType: view
MayaA primer’s font for Maya Hieroglyphs: view
UnidingsGlyphs and Icons for blocks of The Unicode Standard: view
SamplesSamples of OpenType Features and UFAS Repertoire
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